Dr Bill Sukala Health Speaker Sydney

Dr Bill Sukala is a motivated, confident, and energetic speaker with a strong ability to connect with his audiences.  He has given over 80 presentations including keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

Each talk is custom tailored to accommodate listeners’ educational backgrounds and cultural nuances. Bill’s audiences have included medical and allied health practitioners, fitness professionals, corporate executives, and everything in between. He has also taught university-level health courses in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Content Areas Covered

  • Exercise guidelines for healthy people and those with medical conditions
  • Obesity and fat loss strategies
  • Happiness, positivity, and optimism
  • Nutrition and dispelling popular diet myths
  • Corporate health (including stress management and standing workstations)
  • Lifestyle diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and associated conditions
  • Clinical exercise physiology and biochemistry

Previous Events

  • AFEEX Beijing
  • AFEEX Hong Kong
  • FILEX Australia
  • Get New Zealand Active (now FITEX)
  • Cardiac Rehab Association Australia NZ
  • FitPro United Kingdom
  • Diabetes New Zealand conference
  • NZ Society for the Study of Diabetes conference
  • Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association
  • Western Australian Fitness Industry Conference

Tertiary Teaching Experience

  • San Diego State University (USA)
  • University of California at San Diego (USA)
  • Southern Cross University (Australia)
  • Massey University (New Zealand)

Previous Organisations

  • Compass Health (New Zealand)
  • City Fitness (New Zealand)
  • Sport Wellington (New Zealand)
  • American Council on Exercise (USA)
  • Exercise Etc (USA)
  • Sharp Healthcare (USA)
  • NZ National Heart Foundation