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Lana Eyeington, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Lana is an Exercise Physiologist and Sleep Scientist. In 2013, she obtained a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology. In 2014 Lana achieved first class honours and a Bachelor of Health and Human Sciences (Honours). She also holds a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Major: Exercise Science) obtained in 2010. Her one decade of experience combines the fitness industry, clinical settings, athletic performance, academic teaching and research.Lana has extensive professional experience in sleep science and sleep diagnostics. As a sleep scientist, she has tested and analysed the sleeping patterns of hundreds of patients over the last five years.Lana is a consumer health educator reading between the lines to help you make better consumer choices. Her mission is to provide “go-to” health and fitness information that you can trust in the long run.

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