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Dr Bill Sukala | Health Communications Consultant, Exercise Physiologist

Dr Bill Sukala is an exercise physiologist, media health spokesperson, writer, speaker, and health communications consultant with over two decades of combined experience from the fitness industry to cardiac rehabilitation to clinical research to tertiary education.

Bill holds a PhD in Exercise Science with a research focus on the therapeutic benefits of exercise for people with type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity. He also has a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist through Exercise and Sports Science Australia.

Bill is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in mainstream health magazines, journals, and websites. He is frequently quoted and interviewed by major media outlets and has spoken at conferences around the world.

In his spare time, Bill can be found surfing around the beaches of Sydney or around the globe. He has surfed waves across the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, South Pacific islands, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Africa, and Europe.

Bill’s insatiable curiosity into other cultures has driven him to cultivate his language skills. He speaks fluent Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and is proficient in French.

Bill’s surfing and world travels (not to mention a few health scares) have taught him not to take life too seriously and to just “keep it real.”  Be it surfing a wave, rock climbing, writing an article, or speaking to an audience, everything he does must be a passion and have a fun, creative element to it!

Bill Sukala surfing maroubra

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