Dr Bill Sukala is a Sydney-based clinical exercise physiologist, media health expert, writer, blogger, speaker, and consultant. He has over two decades of experience spanning work in clinical cardiac rehabilitation, diagnostic health screening, exercise and diabetes/obesity research, and teaching exercise physiology and nutrition at the tertiary education level.

An award-winning writer whose work has been featured in major health and fitness magazines, websites, trade publications, and medical journals, Bill delivers easy-to-understand messages in a relaxed and friendly tone.

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Bill has been interviewed and quoted by health, fitness, and medical exercise topics by major media outlets around the world.  A consummate consumer health advocate, he frequently delivers the hard truth about many of the latest health fads.

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Bill has given invited presentations at health, fitness, and scientific conferences across five continents. He brings a confident and comfortable presence to the stage and enjoys delivering health messages with a humorous twist.

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Online Articles

  • carbohysteria

Carbohysteria – An Open Love Letter to Carbohydrate


Dear Carbohydrate, I love you. I’ve always loved you. From the moment I first set eyes on your chemical structure – C6H12O6 – I knew you were the one for me. Remember all the great threesomes we had over the years? Just you, me, and some pretty darn grueling exercise.

  • protein_meat_fish_poultry

Protein Requirements: How Much Do I Need?


Protein is a nutrition rock star. Protein craps all over carbs in the media PR game. It has a great marketing machine behind it, but just how much protein do you really need? 1 gram per kg? 2 grams? 3 grams? Read this to find out if you're overdosing on protein [...]