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Pyroluria is a Common “Disease”…and Also a Myth

Are you fatigued, not sleeping well, or have cloudy thinking? You could have Pyroluria! It sounds terrifying, but is it real? Most promoters of this "illness" are also selling diagnostic "tests" and supplements to "cure" the illness.

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Fat Burn vs. Cardio Button: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Ever seen those “fat burn” and “cardio” buttons on exercise machines? Seems pretty straight forward, right? Push the fat burn button and the fat melts away? Uh, yeah right....good luck with that. Stop pissing into the wind [...]

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Is Fruit Sugar Bad For You?

"Can I eat fruit?" "Will fruit sugar make me fat?" Uh, highly unlikely. Yes, fruit contains fruit sugar, but it's also low in calories, has volume and bulk in the form of water and fibre, not to mention it provides you with valuable vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

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Carbohysteria – An Open Love Letter to Carbohydrate

Dear Carbohydrate, I love you. I’ve always loved you. From the moment I first set eyes on your chemical structure – C6H12O6 – I knew you were the one for me. Remember all the great threesomes we had over the years? Just you, me, and some pretty darn grueling exercise.

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Doctors’ Nutrition Knowledge: Settling the Doctor vs. Dietitian Debate

Docs generally don't know much about nutrition, but why does the public insist on buying diet books written by doctors? If a dietitian wrote a book on self-circumcision, you can bet there wouldn't be many takers. This article tackles the doc vs dietitian debate [...]

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How Much Body Fat Should I Have?

Does my ass look fat in this DXA scan? There is a lot of anxiety around body fat and how much we "should" have. But it really comes down to what's healthy for the individual as well as individual expectations. Too much or too little fat can cause problems.

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Protein Requirements: How Much Do I Need?

Protein is a nutrition rock star. Protein craps all over carbs in the media PR game. It has a great marketing machine behind it, but just how much protein do you really need? 1 gram per kg? 2 grams? 3 grams? Read this to find out if you're overdosing on protein [...]

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High Protein Diets for Weight Loss? What You’re Really Losing

Yes, it's true that high protein diets DO cause weight loss. HOWEVER, the associated weight loss is not all fat, particularly on diets which induce quick initial weight loss. While I'm quick commend anyone who's lost weight, I often caution against [...]

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LifePharm Global’s Laminine: Independent Review of Marketing Claims

LifePharm Global’s Laminine dietary supplement popped onto my consumer advocacy radar when I received a new Twitter follower whose profile referenced some sort of happy pill. I chased up the lead which led me to an egg protein pill and [...]

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