Dr Bill Sukala - Sydney Exercise Physiologist

Dr Bill Sukala

Bill is a Sydney-based clinical exercise physiologist, nutritionist, health writer, presenter, consultant, and media health commentator.  He holds a doctorate in Exercise and Sports Science, a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, and a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition.

Bill is an active campaigner for truth and integrity in health advertising and is frequently quoted by major media outlets to provide a voice of reason to the latest health fads and trends. Connect with him on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe below to get email updates.

In The Media

Dr Bill Sukala - media health expert, nutrition expert, exercise expert. Available for interviews and quotes for media.


Bill is an award-winning health writer with a knack for translating complicated science into simple terms. He has authored articles for major magazines, health trade publications, and medical journals.


Bill has delivered lectures, workshops, seminars, and keynote presentations across five continents. If you’re a conference organiser looking for a relaxed and entertaining speaker, please contact Bill to discuss your needs.

Media Work

Bill is an experienced media health commentator with a strong ability to deliver concise and impactful messages. He has appeared on television, radio, and given numerous quotes for print and online publications.

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